The Pathfinder Group

Connecting with Customers to Build “Brand Trust” and Rejuvenate Growth

The Pathfinder Group is a business development consulting firm that focuses on building more credible “brand trust” for companies and their brands. Nothing is more important in today’s world of the internet and transparency than creating a trustful relationship with customers, especially in healthcare, foreign cultures, and emerging segments like the elusive millennials.  Marketers in both B2C and B2B face a common challenge – how to develop and monitor relevant content messaging that will cultivate a higher level of brand trust and revitalize growth.

The Pathfinder Group has extensive experience helping clients address this challenge, by re-positioning their brands, finding new opportunities for growth and developing new ideas and content that will enhance their customers’ trust.  Our expertise is diverse, yet with a focus on strengthening customer relationships based on stronger trust:

Branding – Jay Gronlund, founder of Pathfinder, is an experienced marketing professional in emotional branding and communications. He has also been teaching a branding course at NYU since 1999 and recently wrote a new book, “Basics of Branding”, published in August, 2013.

Market Research – the Pathfinder team uses new-age research methods to discover fresh customer insights and that emotional “sweet spot” for connecting with customers.

New ideas – facilitating ideation or brainstorming sessions for generating innovative ideas that will resonate with customers, improve content marketing and increase revenue growth.

Measuring Trust – based on each client’s brand assessment, we identify key Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and metrics to quantitatively monitor the improvement of brand trust online.

Cross cultural expansion – over two decades of helping small and mid companies expand abroad, with detailed market potential assessments and entry plans, new ideas to overcome barriers to trust, and finding local professionals to support a business introduction, always using Pathfinder’s global network of affiliates.

Training/Workshops – customized, practical and actionable, with extensive experience in the U.S., Latin America, Asia and Europe, in both B2C and B2B, these can be an excellent way for clients to develop new skills, gain a fresh perspective, create new ideas, and help build an innovative corporate culture that is more customer centric.