How We Work

Our Mission is to Reveal and Solve the Dormant, Yet Real Brand Challenges Facing Our Clients

Unfortunately many executives just assume that the customers’ trust in their brands is solid and does not need further attention.  This attitude is risky and even naive, often resulting in a missed opportunity.  The solution lies with the creation of new, relevant ideas for a fresh brand message to be communicated to and shared among customers (i.e. the content).  With the new digital world dramatically changing the customer and competitive landscape these days, the brand positioning for every company or product should be re-visited frequently for improvement, especially to re-build this trust factor with targeted customers.


Typical Situations that Warrant Consideration of Our “Brand Trust” Program

Here are the types of quotes we hear from managers which reflect situations that beg for a better understanding of their customer and a creative effort to enhance the trust level of a company’s brands:

  • “Our message is reaching mainly online visitors, but no one is sharing it with others”
  • “I really know our customer, so am sure they will like our new product offerings”
  • “We have been successful in the U.S., but can’t understand why  similar customers in these new markets abroad are not interested”
  • “Our product sales have stalled – we should re-brand with a new name, logo and look”
  • “Outsiders don’t know our industry and customers like we do; what added value can they offer?”
  • “Our product is so unique, even revolutionary, that we don’t have to emphasize the benefits to our customers – they should be self evident”
  • “Our customers have been buying our product for years, so there is no reason for them to consider competitive options”
  • “I know our product will excite and attract new customers – no reason to include any emotional dimensions to our brand story”
  • “Branding is such a soft discipline – how do we know if we’re making progress without any metrics to measure?”

The attitude behind these quotes can be dangerous.  It shows a comfort level with the “status quo” that does not acknowledge the dramatic changes in today’s customer mindsets and expectations, the aggressiveness of competition, and also the unique opportunities that the internet offers for connecting more credibly with customers and hence strengthening their trust in brands.   Here are 10 typical situations that can benefit from a fresh perspective and a new brand trust audit:

  1. Revenues have plateaued, competition has intensified, and our customers no longer view us as innovative or relevant.
  2. We have been successful attracting many customers to date, but they don’t think we listen to them any more
  3. Our base business is solid, but now we have to find other sources of growth from new segments and/or distribution channels.
  4. We started to expand abroad, but the local consumers perceive our brands as opportunistic “outsiders” and feel we don’t understand their culture or needs.
  5. The price competition in our category is fierce, and none of our customers understand or believe the benefits we offer.
  6. Our products and services are increasingly viewed as commodities, so how can we re-engage our customers and convince them we really care?
  7. We have extensive data on our customers from prior research, but very little on how they truly feel or their real expectations
  8. Just hired a new manager from the outside, but he/she can’t change traditional thinking internally without new ideas or special insights.
  9. There is so much pressure to deliver that managers don’t corroborate any more (e.g. Sales and Marketing in B2B), so attention to customers is declining.
  10. Everything is becoming automated, and our customers are now more confused, jaded and long for a more personal touch.

How We Help Our Clients Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Although the concept of “brand trust” may be new to many executives, the realities of corruption, growing consumer discontent with leadership, and the declining credibility and integrity for companies and brands should not be news to them.  We believe a fresh, experience-based perspective is essential for objectively evaluating customer perceptions and identifying new opportunities to re-connect with them.  An initial “brand trust” assessment provides a critical foundation for new thinking and innovative ideas, with special focus on:

  • The important dynamics of brand trust for their industry, plus implications for each client’s specific business.
  • Overview of trends that will impact the client’s future business and what should be done today
  • Discussion of key issues for the client that warrant outside expertise offering a fresh perspective and new ideas
  • Development of a detailed road map on how to re-engage customers and build brand trust in a way that addresses the key challenges for each client.

We have a tool kit of diverse, actionable initiatives that would be adapted for each client situation.  Most involve some form of customer research, brainstorming, and creating new brand marketing content.  We are open to any type of client relationship, from pilot testing to full projects to retainer.

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