Basics of Branding

A Practical Guide for Managers

– Sales on our product have stalled — we must re-brand it.

– There’s a lot of noise out there — what can we do to stand out?

– If we just use social media, the Millennials will want it.

– I know our customer, and I KNOW they will like our product.

Basics of Branding coverI hear things like this often in a variety of industries. Unfortunately they all reflect a lack of understanding of how real branding works and what it can do for your business. Powerful brands are different, compelling, and relevant enough to truly excite the minds and hearts — and wallets — of their customers. My new book Basics of Branding explains how you can create an emotional connection with your customer that results in sustainable brand loyalty and steady revenue growth.

Basics of Branding is essential for any manager who is involved in the strategic growth of his or her brand, whether B2C or B2B, whether student or senior executive. The goal for each is to develop a value proposition that makes a lasting impact and delights the customer. An essential first step is creating a message or impression that forges a bond of trust with that customer.

Jay Gronlund uses an easy-to-understand style that emphasizes practical and proven approaches for successful brand development, based on his own marketing experiences around the world, as well as the insights of other leading experts. All aspects of branding are covered — including product/service, corporate, employer, personal, and global branding.

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